All that I see or seen is but a Dream in a Dream
All that I see or seen is but a Dream in a Dream
I am a young and coming artist from Atlanta, Ga. I write poetry, freestyles, complex analogies, and stories. Most of my inspiration at the moment comes from the infinite repeating objects that surround my macrocosm and microcosm world. I have an obsession with anatomy, especially eyes and hearts. I paint to reflect my own consciousness onto the canvas as if I am mapping out the inter-working of my mind. --Lady Wisdom
All that I see or seen is but a Dream in a Dream

Anthony Hurd - Nature Abound

By Adam Bender (.com) on Flickr.

Giuliana Romanno S/S 2015

"The Solar Woman", Solar Biology, by Hiram E. Butler, [1887] 
Look a long nap this afternoon as means of recovery from intense new year’s eve revelries.  Dreamed I was visiting a Scandinavian country during a high solar festival.  Lots of celebrations involving shrieking, shouting children running about and causing general chaos.  Pistachio meringues were munched on as people lay on blankets under the moon and watched the stars.
Check out my homegirl @blaynebius It has been amazing to watch this girl blossom into the tattoo artist she always strived to be. We used to doodle together during high school’s lunch instead of actually eating. Lol All those dreams she had back in those days are becoming a reality. Never give up on your dreams Blayne. I love you girl! 💋 #blaynebius (repost if you want to win a free two hour session with her.)

Vegetarian Paella! #yum #food #eatyourveggies #vegetariancooking #vegan

🌻🍍☀️ current lyfe: neglecting finals and eating amazing food. 💛